Our lambs are grown in a natural and ecological environment, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Their diet consists of breast milk and a mixture of cereals, legumes and protein crops that are grown and made on the farm itself. They graze freely with their mothers every day.

The recent lamb that we present is a 22 to 25 kg live weight lamb.

  • Our products are made gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free (EXCEPT BOMBAS).
  • They are suitable for any type of allergen.
  • No dyes or preservatives and 100% natural.

Garlic and basil burgers. The lamb burger with the highest number of awards. A delicacy that you cannot miss.
Essence of balanced juiciness for meat lovers and for the most sublime palates. Made with certified organic lamb meat and seasoned with a proprietary blend of eco spices that provide an unforgettable flavour.  Units: 4 (150gunit), Weight: 600g approx.

Sausages in wine. Made according to our own variation of a traditional recipe from Extremadura. Sausages in white wine with a pinch of Cinnamon. Units: 12 approx. Weight 500g approx.

Pinchitos. Certified organic lamb meat seasoned with a home-made mix of organic spices and organic extra virgin olive oil. Exquisite lamb tapas, ideal for receiving your guests. Units: 12 approx, Weight 500g approx

Bombas. Tasty meatballs of certified 100% organic lamb meat with a heart of melted raclette cheese. Ideal for the palate of the youngest in the family. Quick and easy to cook. Seasoned with organically produced spices and wrapped in a thin layer of organic breadcrumbs. Units: 11. Weight 600g approx. They contain gluten and lactose.

Our products must be kept refrigerated at a temperature between 0°C to 4°C until the date indicated by the expiration date of the product. Please consume the contents of a package within 48 hours after opening. Fore longer preservation, it is recommended to freeze the product, as all our products are fresh and can be stored frozen.

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