As a key differentiator, both maximizing the sensory experience and the nutritional value of the product, we produce meat with high level of protein and a minimum level of fat. With a smoother and finer flavour, with a juicier texture and an intense red colour.

Our low fat and high protein content products are especially suitable for high-performance athletes.
100% healthy, balanced and artisanal. With only 1% fat content, our organically produced hamburgers are the ideal quick and easy, healthy meal!

The pack consists of 4 Eco Garlic and Basil hamburgers plus 4 oregano hamburgers with a touch of Eco cinnamon.

Units: 8 hamburgers (150g/unit approx.)
Weight 1,200g approx.

Our products must be kept refrigerated at a temperature between 0°C to 4°C until the date indicated by the expiration date of the product. Please consume the contents of a package within 48 hours after opening. Fore longer preservation, it is recommended to freeze the product, as all our products are fresh and can be stored frozen.

Valores Nutricionales g/100gr

Valor energético 

  • 488,5 KJ/100 gr
  • 116,00 Kcal/100 gr


  • 3,6 g/100 g
  • Grasas Saturadas totales 0,8%

Hidratos de Carbono 

  • 0,2 g/100g
  • Azúcares 0,0 g/100 g


  • 20,7 g/100 g


  • 0,2 g/100 g

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