Corderos Fuente del Sapillo, Gastronomic Jewel of El Gourmet de La Roja

El Gourmet de La Roja, an official gastronomic project licensed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) whose objective is to emphasize Spain´s gastronomic excellence through the values ​​of national sport and of our National Team, selects the most exclusive Brands targeted to premium customers, the so-called Gastronomic Jewels (¨Joyas Gastronómicas¨).

The Grastronomic Jewels from Corderos Fuente del Sapillo are our Organic Lamb burgers. Prepared in our artisanal butchery with meat from our own livestock, and seasoned with garlic and basil from organic production. Free of colorants, preservatives, gluten and lactose.

The end result is a burger with a unique texture; of great juiciness, of intense red color, with a high percentage of protein (<20%) and low in fat (3.5%) and low in salt (0.2%), with a mild flavor with a touch of wild flora, as a result of the environment where the lambs graze. A unique lamb meat with a goldstandard flavor within Spain, the perfect burger to enjoy the matches of your National Team!