Delivery and Returns:

FREE delivery for all orders over 150. Standard Delivery is  for orders less than 150. 

Cold-chain Delivery costs:

Extremadura: 7.27 + (10% VAT) Total: 8€

Madrid: 11.82 + VAT Total: 13€

Rest of the Iberic Península: 12.73 + VAT Total: 14€

Baleares islands: 23,64 + VAT Total: 26€

Canarian islands: 28,18 + VAT Total: 31€

Delivery days does not include weekends or holidays. Orders verified after 12:00h will count as recorded the next day, since they cannot be prepared on the same day. .

Our artisanal products require a certain time to prepare. The established shipping time can range between 2 and 4 business days from receipt of the transfer or payment by card. Orders verified after 12:00h will count as recorded the next day, since they cannot be prepared on the same day. Despite our best efforts, late deliveries occasionally happen, due to reasons outside our control. Delay of the delivery will not imply cancellation or compensation.

The Customer must ensure that there will be someone at the at the indicated address at the time of delivery. If for reasons attributable to the Customer the courier is not able to deliver the package, the Customer will bear costs of the new delivery of the parcel.

Parcels are distributed sealed, packed and wrapped, always ensuring the maintenance of the product´s cold chain, from its preparation until its delivery to the customer.


All our products have been subjected to careful quality control, and are released to the market according to the standards approved by the brand. Personal opinions regarding the amount of salt or spice, as well as aesthetic considerations of the product, will not be regarded as product defects.

Due to the perishable nature of our product, we can only accept returns if the product has been damaged by the courier.

If the package shows signs of minor damage upon arrival, please check that the product is in good condition. Never accept delivery if the packaging of the parcel shows significant damage.

If a damaged package is delivered to you, please send us an email to describing the damage to the parcel. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Once we verify the damage caused to the products by the courier, we will refund the full amount of the damaged products.

The customer is wholly responsible for the correct storage, preservation and consumption of the products received. We cannot accept any liability for claims arising from incorrect storage or preservation of the product.

Our products must be kept refrigerated at a temperature between 0°C to 4°C until the date indicated by the expiration date of the product. Please consume the contents of a package within 48 hours after opening. Fore longer preservation, it is recommended to freeze the product, as all our products are fresh and can be stored frozen.