"As a key differentiator, both maximizing the sensory experience and the nutritional value of the product, we produce meat with high level of protein and a minimum level of fat. With a smoother and finer flavour, with a juicier texture and an intense red colour."

All our products are 100% natural, and free of colorants and preservatives

All our products are Gluten-free, Egg-free and Lactose-free, and they are compatible with any type of allergy.

All our products are manually butchered and prepared in our artisanal butchery. All certified organic lamb meat comes from our own livestock. To emphasize Extremadura´s high quality local products we season our meat products with various dressings: organic spices, organic white wine and organic extra virgin olive oil from locally produced.


Our low fat and high protein content products are especially suitable for high-performance athletes. 100% healthy, balanced and artisanal.

With only 1% fat content, our organically produced hamburgers are the ideal quick and easy, healthy meal!

The pack consists of 4 Eco Garlic and Basil hamburgers plus 4 oregano hamburgers with a touch of Eco cinnamon.

Units: 8
Weight: 1.200g aprox.

Fresh and heat-sealed product with a protective atmosphere